About us

Welcome! We are the Bowman Family and if you are reading this you probably already know everything you want to know about us! 🙂

Our original blog title was “walking in LIGHT” because it seems God usually gives us only a tiny bit of LIGHT at a time. Just enough for the next step. And then a little for the next, and as we walk in His light, He gives more light.  On occasion though, God extends the beam of light a bit farther down the path before us….

And we gasp with the wonder of His plans for us!

Somewhere in the process  the name changed to Once Upon A Sunbeam. This is a story about Sunbeams.  Son-beams….from God….rays of light coming down to illuminate our steps.

We have recently been blessed with the opportunity to adopt a son from Ch*na. We are honored, excited, and delighted, yet at the same time very aware that we are undertaking waaaaay more than…than….well, more than we even can comprehend!

So we watch for the Son-beams. Daily. And what do you know? God is always one step ahead of us, already there and waiting for us to catch up as we breathlessly jog along.

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