Can I have a drink of water?

You know how, when you have a situation or question that really needs an answer and you toss the pros and cons around and around in your mind endlessly and you just keep ending up in the same place, which confirms your suspicion you’re actually going in circles and getting nowhere?  You know how it is…. when what you really need it a baptism of wisdom poured out from God but instead of praying, you’re standing at your kitchen sink, stirring the pot in your brain once again, hoping truth will somehow just rise to the top??

I kept 3 children for a friend all night last night and this morning I was washing up some dishes when I heard a little voice behind me.

“Can I have a drink of water?”

I turned around, almost startled at the sweet request. He needed a drink. He was thirsty. But he had no way to get it himself. The cups were much too high, the faucet too far back. The task was way too huge for him and he needed my help. From down there at his eye level he probably couldn’t even see the water, much less reach it.

Such simple words…and ordinary, really… but something about the way he said them struck me. Maybe it was the formation of his sentence as a request instead of the more common “I need a drink of water” or “I’m thirsty”. Maybe it was the hope in his sweet voice. Whatever it was, I responded immediately because I wanted to. “Of course you may have a drink!. Here, let me get it for you.”

With not much more than a flick of my finger I was able to grant the child his desire. It took me all of 5 seconds and used up basically no energy, emotional stamina or mental strength from my storehouse.  Just nothing at all. Easiest thing I will do all day probably.

I watched him walk away…..the churning of my mind had settled. And instead of starting it up once again, I lifted my eyes to Heaven and opened my mouth.

Father God, can I have a drink of water?


PS: (Can blog posts have PS’s?) Eve, my friend! If you see this…use email to contact me. I can’t get your email to work and you mentioned in a comment back in the spring that your can’t get mine to work. Try this one 🙂

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