We’re Here!

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We’re safely here!  Thank you, Jesus!  When we went to bed at 10:30 last night, my body felt like it was snuggling down for a nice afternoon nap and obediently awoke a few hours later. The joys of jet lag.

We arrived in Nethanya about 8pm last evening, ate supper, then walked down to dip our feet in the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful 70 * evening! We are about an hour north of Tel Aviv, right along the Sea.

If last night is a good indication, the food here is going to be scrumptious!

This is the first time Wyatt’s have had a Christian guide for an Israel tour. He is a Coptic Christian from Egypt. He told us more about himself and the area but I was so foggy brained from the bone-aching night on the plane that I don’t remember much of what he said.

I do remember he said to be on the bus at 8am and that we will have a full day touring Caesarea, Haifa, Megiddo, and Nazareth. Here we go!

Coffee first 🙂

Group pic above L to R: Wayne and Carolyn Landes, my handsome husband and I, Lloyd and Opal Fullmer, David and Anita Boyd, Kendall and Debbie Eichman, Galen and Vicki Bowman. Heather and Megan Fullmer are on either side of Opal. (Grant and Leanne’s girls…Lloyd’s grandchildren and Gail’s nieces) Front row: Wyatt and Gail Pegg, Brad and Molly Lavy.

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