World Travelers…

And we’re off! Still in the car so, theoretically, I *could* swing into a Walmart still. Sitting here agonizing over what I might have forgotten to pack.

We hop on a plane in Indy, another in NY, then across the pond to ISRAEL! The last time we flew across the ocean we went the other way…over the Pacific and into Beijing, China. Sweet, sweet memories and, if I could, I would do it all again. I would fly across the ocean 1.000 times to bring Zeke home with me.

No I wouldn’t. Yes I would.

And that’s how my heart goes…..beyond thankful Zeke is safe at Home in Heaven but wanting him back every day with every fiber of my being.

But wait….I didn’t open this page to reminisce. I’m using the blog to update family and friends as we travel to Israel. If you happen to be notified by email of this post and you don’t want that, please unsubscribe. I was going to unsubscribe everyone but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Dwayne has dreamed of going to the land where Jesus walked ever since I’ve known him. He used to talk about taking our kids when the older 4 were all teenagers but then the weddings began and, well, we’ve been busy.

This past summer the last of our chickadees moved out. When we received an invitation from Wyatt and Gail Pegg, asking us to join them for 14 days in the Holy Land, we looked at each other and said Yes.

I’ll try to post updates and pictures on here…not sure how much time or wi-if we will have.


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