Letting Zeke’s Love Go On….

It was in his pocket when he died…he couldn’t wear it with his helmet on…and even in my shock and grief, sitting beside Zeke on the pavement that day as the first responders did their best to help him, I slipped my fingers in his pocket, took the BAHA carefully into my hand and gave it to Dwayne, who put it in his own pocket for safe-keeping.

Yes, it’s just a tiny thing. A replaceable thing. But to Zeke, his hearing aide was a most treasured gift…an opportunity to experience love and life and relationships in a whole new way. And so it was precious to us.

Two weeks ago we handed Zeke’s BAHA to our friends who safely transported it to China. Silly as it may seem, this was a hard thing for us to do. We loved that little black box with the clear string and clip attached and we love the memories attached to it.


I smile through tears as I look at this picture we received a few days ago.



Sweet Talley! Zeke would be so happy that his BAHA went to his beloved China.  (“I am China, you know!”, he would so often tell us. Oh yes, buddy, we know. How can we look at those beautiful eyes and ever forget? ) I think he would also be happy that a baby gets to wear it…and to see the world of sound is opening for her like it did for him.


unnamed (2)

Our nephew, Will, interacting with one of the babies at New Day

Talley lives at New Day Foster Home. These children still belong (for lack of a better word)  to SWI’s, or state run orphanages but Ch*na does allow foster homes and this one *just happens* to be run by Christians and is able to keep many children at one time.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the needs of all the orphans and hurting children in the world.  I have felt that way often since Zeke’s death. We know of impoverishment we can’t touch, places we can’t reach, children with whom we can’t communicate. Some are an ocean away and some are right here in our community. Sometimes the doors are simply closed.

But sometimes…they are open.

I’ve always answered those who ask me..”how can I help?”…this way:  Don’t get overwhelmed…just help ONE child. Pray. God will show you the way. Now I find myself struggling with the same questions others so often asked me. How can I help when I am so helpless? How can I serve when I am so needy? How can I give when I feel so empty?

But I believe with all my heart that the answer is still the same.


And help ONE.

New Day Foster Home is a beautiful place. If any of you feel prompted to sponsor an orphan, this is a wonderful, personal way to do it. The cost is $35/ month, you can prayerfully choose the child you wish to sponsor, and you will receive updates from New Day. 

AND….If you are ever blessed to travel to Ch*na, you can even visit these homes! (There are two..one in Beijing and one only 30 minutes from Zhuhai, which was Zeke’s town)  I can put you in touch with our friends who just visited and delivered Zeke’s BAHA. There are a ton of ways to help…check out their web site here. To sponsor a child, go here and hold your cursor over the hands. 

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