Sorry to be a pest but I have to pass on this picture and info.

This is a two month hosting program…you take a child into your home, you love on them, have fun with them, teach them a little English, show them how a family lives, and most importantly, you tell them about JESUS.

God does the rest. He will take care of finding a family for them OR He will take care of them as they live in China. Either way, HE will care for them and you will have tucked His name in a heart half way ’round the world….

Note attached to his file: C403 Guo: $1500 GRANT!! AGING OUT at the end of this year when he turns 14. He NEEDS to come this summer so we can advocate for him.  Cannot run because of his club foot, but likes sports and really likes ping pong and chess. He said he has many friends and they would describe him as “happy every day.” Loves rice and says he doesn’t like snacks. He enjoyed saying the English word YES to our yes/no questions. Fun kid, 5th Grader and an average student. 13 years old.


Note attached to his file: C109 Pang: $1500 GRANT!!! Happy little guy who said he has lots of friends. He plays outside a lot and likes the Tom and Jerry cartoon. His perfect day would be running and playing. He says he’s afraid of cats. He’s been to the zoo and liked the tigers best.  If he could buy anything at the store, it would be ice cream. Laughed as he described the meaning of his name, which is chubby, but pointed out that he is not. Fun little guy. He is a 2nd grader. 12 years old.

Both of these guys have grants to help with the hosting cost.

Sign up for this hosting program ends April 25th and there are 9 Ch*nese boys left.


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