I love to tell the story…..

Has anyone out there ever figured out how one can lay in bed and feel wide-awake, yet be completely bleary-eyed sleepy when finally arising?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to recognize night time awakenings as a nudge from God. Last night I received an email that won’t leave my mind and then, of all the songs in the world, the one that keeps rolling through my mind is I Love To Tell The Story.

I’m up, God. I’m up. And here’s what’s on my heart~

Sweet friends of ours who have adopted 3 Asian children asked me to share this hosting program on my blog.



I hesitated for weeks and even now I’m typing/deleting/typing/deleting because there is so much I don’t know about these programs. A huge discussion could be had regarding the way hosting impacts a child’s future. Rather than have that discussion here, let me just say this..

God knows these children and their needs…all the way through to the deepest recesses of their souls. God knows you…your needs, your heart, and what you have to offer. 

Read through the FAQ page if you are interested…it answered a lot of questions for me. I do believe this is a good program and for those of you who have asked me over the years, “What can we do if we’re not called to adopt”, here is an opportunity for a beautiful mission trip that requires no passport and no time off work. There are no age limitations and your children get to participate.  🙂

If you have questions, I can put you in touch with families we personally know who have experienced hosting. Below is another link to a different hosting program, also used by friends of ours.


Enrollment for summer closes in a few days. Time is short.  But isn’t that invariably the case? Time is always short…yet, for some reason, it is often the resource we are most willing to waste.

Redeem the time. And watch for the breaking clouds…Jesus is coming soon!



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