In my thick notebook I have THE LIST.  All the steps in the timeline of adopting a special needs child from Ch*na.

The first weeks of an adoption are spent doing what is called a Home Study. They actually only study your home for about 30 seconds. Mostly, in an aging-out adoption such as ours, the Home Study consists of reams of paperwork, jillions of phone calls, emails, trips to the post office to overnight urgent documents with a dozen people standing behind you in line, visits to the doctor, the lab, the police station, the pedicure salon, (just seeing if you’re still reading) etc…

A Home Study usually take 2-3 months although ours was done in about half that time.

When we finally finished 6 weeks of (literal) running around and pen wielding, we were officially done with number 1 out of 17 items on THE LIST.

Today we are on #4. I mailed our visa applications in this morning along with our precious passports which I certainly hope have a safe and uneventful journey.

Zeke’s birthday is exactly one month from this Friday. We are not yet DTC.

I’m truly not trying to be pessimistic or dooms-day-ie. But the reality is that we must keep praying for God to intervene if it is His will that Zeke become our forever son.  I often forget, in the excitement of planning, that there are still a lot of agencies, forms and policies that stand between us and Zeke.

4 down, 13 to go. God is able.

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