Once Upon A Garden

Once upon a time there was a woman who loved to garden. She lived in the lush Ohio Valley where the soil is rich and loamy and her favorite thing to do was to grow beautiful vegetable plants and feast her eyes on the contrast of the deep, healthy green against the dark brown, freshly tilled soil.

There were rains from heaven and thunderstorms that seemed to give the plants energy and amazing growth overnight.

When inside was all shambles and laundry, fussy children and sticky fingerprints,  the woman would turn her eyes to the kitchen window and look upon the straight, clean rows of the garden and whisper a prayer of thanksgiving for one sweet spot of beauty. And she was refreshed.

The fact that harvest time came was only a bonus. Food that God created from a tiny seed and creatively hung on the side of a plant, free for the picking!? Amazing! Many were the days the woman picked peas in the rain because when peas are at their prime, they can’t wait even a few hours you know, without getting thick skinned and mushy. (This is a the secret of the pea and the reason most people don’t like them…for they have not discovered it!). The woman and her family gathered in the abundance by the bushels and baskets full and were blessed.

Then one day….the woman moved. To a desert land where the sandy soil is a pale, anemic shade of tan.  Where the cloudless skies have no water to release and there is no lightning to give energy to the plants. Where the midsummer nights are cold and the tomatoes, beans and corn shiver and shut down their internal factories, only to sluggishly start them up again every single morning.

The woman did all she knew to do. Her kind husband piped water to her garden and the woman bought gallon sized plants to give every advantage. A dozen tomato plants and still the family purchased tomatoes for their salsa. The woman noticed that even the very best vegetable gardens in this desert land did not put forth the contrasting colors and  bright vibrancy of those near her old home.

So. After 4 years, the tired woman hung up her hoe and said to her kind husband,

“It is finished. The battle is over.”

And she began to dream of other ways to bring beauty to her life and was very resigned to leave gardening as a blessing of her past.

The End.

Or maybe not……..


One of the very first things we learned about Zeke is that he loves all things growing! They tell us that he absolutely delights in plants, magnifying glasses and discovery of God’s creation. He scratched a little garden of his own out behind the orphanage and, as you can see here, is very happy to pick a strawberry from a patch nearby.

Need I say more? God is rearranging my life in so many ways.


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